Filya Zhebrovska

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC Farmak

Dec 04, 2020

Filya Zhebrovska’s Principles of Success

My success is based on self-discipline, planning and control over plan implementation. It is impossible without a clear understanding of where we are heading for. In 1996, we had the plan until 2000. Today we have the plan until 2027 not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of products to be launched, in terms of what we are going to implement.

Not all plans can be implemented in time. In the late 1990s, we implemented ISO:9000 system. The Germans helped us work with the fundamentals of this practice in the pharmaceutical industry. It changed my approaches to product release. While ISO is not really needed in the pharmaceutical industry, this experience helped a lot in obtaining a GMP certificate.

I have a gut feeling. I feel what is to be done, but I don’t know why. Probably, my devotion to the cause tells me. When we had European GMP certificates, I wanted to get WHO qualification for some medicinal products. It is very important for countries where people do not always have access to medicines. My colleagues asked, why we needed it for because those were poor countries, there were low prices. And now, during the COVID epidemic, due to this accreditation, the WHO purchased 1.5 million ampoules of dexamethasone from us. Now everyone says, “You knew”.

It was difficult for me having a mathematical mindset to realize that there are always risks. You can spend a million and get no return. If we have 70% output from our Research and Development Division, it means we are doing the right thing. However, I always feel sorry for these 30%. I’m not the one who takes the risk. I’m not rushing along.

My desire to know pushed me to action. I have an economic education, and when I was employed with the pharmaceutical company, I did not understand what acid formulae was. Chemistry was hard for me, but I read books and studied in the process. Today I understand the effect of the active substance on medicinal products and why it can be different.

I would advise a start-up entrepreneur to go into business only when there is confidence that this is exactly what you want to do. And when there is a goal. There is no reason to start without this. For me, business is the meaning of life, what I live by, where I develop as a person. When I don’t get data on what’s going on in the Company, it’s like I don’t have enough air.

The most difficult period in my life was when politics intervened with business. In 2003 or 2004, my brother Pavlo was a member of Nasha Ukraina party. The leader of another political force wanted him to join his party. But Pavlo refused. Then they ordered to close the plant. It was an over-lapping shock attack. After all, when you are engaged in a chemical synthesis, you can always be found fault with and accused of a violation. They came day and night. I thought I wouldn’t stand it. I was looking for help, and my friend said, “You yourself is your greatest helper, and if you are confident of your rightness, then you will fight.”

I do not know what is burnout. I do not have it, although, my potential has declined somewhat.

In 2022, we will get used to living with the COVID-19 virus. Vaccines can turn to be inefficient because the virus mutates. It is worth taking vitamins C and D, as well as zinc. Our Business Development Director’s Office is considering how to bring them all together to have a multivitamin complex. I hope we will have it by the end of the year. We also plan to complete clinical trials of the medicine, which has shown high in vitro efficacy in the fight against COVID this year. On December 20, we will send our express tests to two laboratories to see how efficient they will be.

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