Filya Zhebrovska

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

May 18, 2021

How to overcome the crisis and reach a target?

Farmak has managed to quickly organize the manufacturing of disinfectants on its modern Corvalolum manufacturing line. We have manufactured about 10 million packages of disinfectants. It has been different from our routine pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, but hospitals and other businesses have required support so that people had something to disinfect their hands and equipment with.

Our laboratories have operated without interruption. We have always been thinking about what medicinal products could help fight this disease, and what would be in demand. Sales of antiviral, antithrombotic medicinal products and corticosteroids have increased. I have taken control in advance over the Company’s having all the licenses to work not only in the CIS countries, but also in Europe. The prequalification of Dexamethasoni phosphas with dexamethasone as an active substance, listed among the medicinal products used in COVID-19 treatment, by the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a long time and has been completed in November 2020 making it possible to supply the medicinal product to the EU and other countries.

Due to the EU certificate confirming the European quality system implemented at Farmak’s manufacturing facilities, we have been supplying our medicinal products such as Vasopressin, Diprofol, Flenox and others to Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, Israel, Great Britain, Mexico and other countries of the world.

Flenox (enoxaparin) has been in great demand both in Ukraine and globally because it is included in COVID-19 treatment protocols. We could hardly cope with meeting this demand. Some friends of mine even sought my help to find the medicinal product. Therefore, no vial has been exported since July 2020, although 40% of output was previously sold outside Ukraine. We have stopped selling the medicinal product abroad in order to provide it to Ukrainian patients as a matter of priority. This is our responsibility and focus.

The exports have finally helped us reach our overall sales target for 2020.




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