Volodymyr Kostiuk

Executive Director of JSC Farmak

Jan 06, 2021

Preservation and further development of scientific potential

Each medicinal product we manufacture is backed up by our R&D. The European consultant we cooperate with helps us focus properly on a particular project.

Every year, JSC Farmak launches about 20 new medicinal products, which are multicomponent modern medicines that are needed by millions of people both in our country and abroad. About 100 medicinal products are currently in the pipeline.

In addition, as part of expanding manufacturing of finished medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, JSC Farmak has established a separate manufacturing facility for substances in Shostka.

The School of Young Scientist has been operating for about 10 years. The School is visited by trainers, for example, from Poland and the USA, who present their reports to students. Scientists from Germany, Austria and France know us.

We have invested a lot in the development of certification and quality assurance systems, which required special training. Our specialists actively study abroad, because we consistently encourage them to do so.

The biographical essays on modern Ukrainian scientists who make a significant contribution to world science right now are presented in our book “Bude tobi nauka: ukrainski vcheni, yaki zminiuiut svit” (That’s science for you: Ukrainian scientists changing the world) authored by Ukrainian journalist Yurii Marchenko.

Farmak is open for cooperation. Students of the National University of Food Technologies, the Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry and the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkiv) undertake an internship at the Company.

In addition, we have our own scientific laboratories for both pharmaceutical and organic synthesis, as well as a biotechnological laboratory equipped with the latest equipment so that it is possible to prove the originality or similarity of the reproduced medicine.

For instance, to develop our own dossier for a generic product, we should follow the same technological procedure used for development of an original one. We should reproduce such dossier ourselves since nobody gives it to us, and this requires highly qualified specialists.

At the beginning, we invested about 4% in our scientific development, and now about 7%, and over time this figure will grow. New medicines are becoming more complex, while the rules for their registration are getting more stringent and cost-intensive.

I believe that I will see with my own eyes the Nobel laureates from Ukraine, because our country has a huge scientific potential, and the state should finance fundamental science.


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