Liudmyla Saichenko

Head of HSE Department

Aug 06, 2020

Taking Care of Environment

Farmak believes that achieving best results requires a coordinated system: knowing how the Company impacts the environment is not enough – it is important to learn how to manage these impacts. Following the external audit of the Company conducted in 2002 Farmak was among those first Ukrainian enterprises that developed and implemented the Environmental Management System in accordance with international standard ISO 14001 (1997). The System was certified in 2005 and recertified in 2017 – under international standard ISO 14001 (2015).

In order to ensure the System effective operation, the Company annually sets environmental objectives and develops environmental program, which stipulates the tasks and actions for the units to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, reduce waste and wastewater pollution. Moreover, the Company ensures the constant analysis of the current situation and the monitoring of the environmental indicators through internal and external audits, as well as through the operation of the sanitary and industrial laboratory. The systematic training of employees in proper waste management, prevention of violations of environmental requirements etc. are also of great importance.

All steps taken by Farmak to protect the environment are focused on several areas.

In addition, Farmak invented the way of polyethylene efficient use. Bottlepack sites produce 260-270 tons of polyethylene waste per year. Currently, it is not disposed of but recycled for bottle caps.

The Company manages to achieve maximum reduction of technological waste during the manufacture of medicinal products through the use of quality raw materials, introduction of advanced technologies and installation of modern equipment.

The regulatory requirements for the environmental protection change from time to time. Currently, the draft law “On the prevention, reduction and control of industrial pollution” is under development in Ukraine. This refers to the reforming of the permission system in environmental protection, in particular, to the introduction of the integrated permit. In order to get the permit, companies which would be subject to the law, among other things, would have to ensure automatic monitoring of all emissions and prepare an annual public report on environmental impact. The primary emphasis will be put on the transparency of the companies’ activities. Although this law does not apply to the pharmaceutical industry, Farmak is always ready for innovations, which is normal for European countries. Transparency, openness to the public and preservation of the environment are the Company’s constant standards.

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