Courses and literature: two libraries for Farmak employees

Every Farmak employee has great opportunities for personal development. It is worth mentioning, first of all, the huge corporate book library. No other pharmaceutical company in Ukraine can boast of the same. Whatever Farmak’s employees prefer, printed publications or e-books, professional literature, motivational books or fiction, they can find what they want to read in our library, which has existed for more than 30 years! Today the library collection is made up of more than 9 thousand publications, and this figure is rapidly growing every year. We have been constantly enlarging it with new books in both Ukrainian and English. For the convenience of finding the required book, there is an internal electronic portal with a catalogue of books and a list of recent additions. Moreover, every Farmak employee can order the book he/she wants if our library does not have it for some reason  🙂

But that’s not all opportunities the Company offers!

There is also an internal library of online courses – a special distance learning portal! Due to it, Farmak employees update their knowledge and boost their soft skills. For instance, the latest additions to our portal include the courses on emotional intelligence, creative thinking, personal and family budget, business English, Ukrainian and many others. We are constantly looking for interesting and useful courses for our employees, as well as add a lot of materials and presentations from all conferences, seminars and events where our employees participated. In addition, distance learning is convenient because everyone has access to courses not only from a desktop or laptop, but also from a smartphone.

Farmak is a place of opportunities and continuous development! 

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