Jul 10, 2015

Viktor Shafransky, Deputy Minister of Health paid a visit to Farmak JSC

Deputy Minister of Health, Viktor Shafransky, paid a working visit to Farmak JSC. It was the first pharmaceutical manufacturer a new Deputy Minister visited in the framework of his working visits scheduled for the nearest time.

Viktor Shafransky visited the manufacturing facilities and a unique newly commissioned R&D Laboratory and Technology Facility, and held a meeting with Farmak’s management board.

Deputy Minister noted high technological level of manufacturing and R&D facilities, high qualification and young age of specialists working at the Company.

The meeting discussed the matters, that are urgent not only for Farmak, but for the pharmaceutical industry, in general.

In particular, the focus was on the necessity to continue the process of signing the Sectoral Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of EU to govern the economic matters, in particular, circulation of medicinal products. This will facilitate launching of the medicinal products, manufactured by Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, into the EU markets.

The meeting discussed the problem of bringing the laws and regulatory framework on medicinal products circulation in line with the EU’s regulations; the government’s policy-making in relation to harmonization of requirements applicable to the government authorities on inspection, control of circulation and registration of medicinal products according to the EU’s approaches.

Consideration was given to delay in registration and re-registration of medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, which, in turn, restrain the access of domestic consumers to the needed and, at times, life-saving medicines, which are considerably cheaper than their foreign counterparts. 

Filya Zhebrovska, Chief Executive Officer, Farmak JSC, says,The today’s meeting with Viktor Shafransky is not just a mere meeting of Deputy Minister with employees of Farmak JSC that has been a leader of Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry for the recent five years. This is a meeting with a highly qualified expert, doctor, pharmacist, and pharmacologist having extensive professional experience both in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. He has got convinced that combination of state-of-the-art equipment, sophisticated scientific and research facilities, portfolio of well-selected medicinal products, and high professionalism of our experts guarantee the Company’s leading position for all these recent years.

In turn, Viktor Shafransky told that currently the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical community are working at harmonization of Ukrainian laws to the EU law requirements. We are expecting that to be implemented, in the nearest time, via orders, resolutions, legal acts and the like, and a new Law “On Medicinal Products” to be adopted.  And we, in turn, will do everything to facilitate the consumers’ access to effective, high quality and safe drugs“.

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