Sep 26, 2012

Amizon now comes in a packaging of renewed design

Amizon, an antiviral drug with immunomodulating effect for treatment of flu and acute respiratory viral infections, now comes in a packaging of renewed design. Amizon 0.25 (10 tablets), Amizon 0.25 (20 tablets), and Amizon 0.125 (10 tablets) will be sold in the redesigned packaging.

Design of the Amizon packaging underwent insignificant changes. The main emphasis was made on the drug’s name, dosage, and scope of use (‘For treatment of flu and common cold’). The color of the packaging’s background has somewhat changed for a richer, sky-blue color.

The image of the sandglass the consumers are so familiar with, located in the left part of the packaging, remains unchanged.

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