Sep 20, 2012

Farmak JSC launches Rint, an innovative nasal spray

Farmak JSC is expanding its line of nasal medications for common cold. The company’s portfolio now features Rint spray (active ingredient: Oxymetazoline). Rint is the first nasal decongestant in Ukraine to remain in the place where it was applied – it doesn’t get inside the nasopharynx and doesn’t escape outside.

The new medication is based on Oxymetazoline, a latest-generation vasoconstrictor that provides fast and long-lasting (up to 12 hours) effect and has the most delicate impact on mucous membrane. It is worth noting that Farmak already uses Oxymetazoline in manufacture of other nasal drugs.

The medication has a special constituent – carboxymethyl cellulose which provides jellylike consistency when the vial with spray is not used and liquid during shaking, thus producing Rint’s unique property of remaining in the place of application.

Viktoria Siatynia, pharmaceutical sales representative at Farmaks Department for Marketing of OvertheCounter Drugs: ‘The medication comes in two forms – Rint nasal spray and Rint moisturizing nasal spray. Rint’s additional effect is provided by essential oils. Ingredients of the former include menthol and camphor, while the latter contains chamomile oil, eucalyptol, and glycerin. It is worth emphasizing that chamomile extract additionally produces anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. Therefore, Rint moisturizing is especially advisable when a person has irritated mucous membrane and a burning sensation occurring from use of other nasal drugs. Rint is a cold medication that meets requirements of the most demanding consumers: it provides fast and long-lasting effect, doesn’t escape from the nose, and comes in a convenient spray form and in bright, modern packaging’.

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