Jul 08, 2019

The court has banned Pharmaceutical Company “Zdorovye” from using designation “Corvalol-Zdorovye”

The Cassation Economic Court as a part of the Supreme Court ruled on the final decision in the case on terminating the violation of intellectual property rights of JSC “Farmak” to the well-known trademark “Corvalol”

The Court dismissed the cassation appeal of PC “Zdorovye” LLC and upheld the decisions of the court of first instance and the court of appeal. The decision of the court of first instance which was upheld by the Northern Economic Court of Appeal cancelled the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the registration of the medicinal product “Corvalol-Zdorovye”, obliged the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to exclude the medicinal product “Corvalol-Zdorovye” from the State Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine and banned PC “Zdorovye” LLC from using designation “Corvalol-Zdorovye”.

The trial has lasted for almost 2 years.

Just to remind you, Corvalol Corvalolum remains a well-known designation. The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court has filed a dispute case for a well-known Corvalol Corvalolum TM for a new trial to the court of first instance, partially satisfying the cassation appeal of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and JSC “Farmak”, by revoking the decision of the Court of Appeal and the decision of the court of first instance.

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