Jul 08, 2019

Farmak has become one of the Top-50 Innovation Companies of Ukraine and the Top-3 Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The “Business” magazine published the issue “Innovations. Push the boundaries.”, dedicated to innovations introduced by the Ukrainian companies. Farmak was nominated for “Innovative Leadership”

“This “Innovative Leadership” nomination is in line with the course for development chosen by Farmak. We are trying to create an innovation-friendly culture in our company. The goal is to encourage the top managers, mid-level experts and specialists to think about solutions that can be implemented most effectively. We are implementing a lot of automation in the new projects. These are the various Manufacturing Execution System combinations, electronic batch records, datasheets, barcoding, etc. We have used our best efforts to digitize our processes. We work with SAP. Last year we introduced a modern manufacture planning system and a system that helps us to plan the development and evaluation of our employees”, said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Executive Director of JSC “Farmak”.

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