Oct 23, 2018

Open letter Farmak JSC

Dear compatriots,

Farmak presents its compliments to you and appeals to you because of the information that Farmak JSC allegedly supplies its products to the temporarily occupied territories.

We would like to stress that Farmak JSC does not carry out any operations with the temporarily occupied territories and acts exclusively in the legal field of Ukraine.

Farmak JSC is a responsible and transparent business that pays taxes, creates jobs and makes significant contribution to the development of the industry and economy of the state. In 2017, Farmak paid UAH 526.5 million of taxes to the state budget (the only company in the industry that became one of the 100 largest taxpayers in the country), invested UAH 486 million in production upgrades (investments since 1995 total $ 239 million). The company represents our state with dignity in the international arena: Farmak’s products are marketed in more than 20 countries. Farmak JSC is one of the largest employers with more than 2,500 employees.

The company is socially responsible: it promotes healthy lifestyle and environmental culture in the country, actively supports the development of national medicine and science. In addition, Farmak JSC supports to the Ukrainian Army: since 2014, it has provided assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine worth over UAH 6 million. Volunteers of Farmak JSC have already held 3 campaigns “I work one day for the army”. The raised funds were used to purchase and equip mobile module cabins for the special detachment of Mariupol maritime security of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, which patrols the borders of Ukraine in the Sea of Azov.

Today, such a transparent, responsible and reliable business is the basis of sustainable development of strong and independent Ukraine and support for the entire Ukrainian society. In the current turbulent economic and political situation, it is business that is the basis of stability for the society and the source of our country’s further development.

The society needs stability. That is why, such provocations on the part of political structures negatively affect the public opinion and destabilize the situation in the country.

Today, only few companies can openly say that they work honestly and contribute to the development of the state; companies that by their own example show that being a transparent and open business is beneficial and crucial for building an independent country and healthy society.

We believe that the strong and independent state is the future of our country. This future depends on the civic position of every Ukrainian, political structures, and business operating in our country. Let’s support business working honestly in Ukraine and is the basis of stability for both the company’s employees and the multimillion Ukrainian people!

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