Jul 30, 2019

Eco-School will become a national project and will cover whole Ukraine from September 1

JSC “Farmak” will launch Eco-School, the single educational Internet platform, based on methodological materials approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from the beginning of the academic year.

Eco-School is about to cover the whole territory of Ukraine and is becoming online. Due to the new Internet platform launched by Farmak as part of the Eco-School project, the students and teachers from all over Ukraine will have the opportunity to obtain the latest information on environmental friendliness.

Moreover, each school in Ukraine can create its eco-team and compete for mini-grants by developing a project aimed at improving the environmental situation in a particular educational institution based on the knowledge obtained in the eco-platform. The implementation of such project will be subsequently funded by Farmak.

Farmak has been implementing the Eco-School project for two consecutive years. During this period, more than 200 students from Kyiv and Shostka were trained and changed their attitude to the environment. They became the ambassadors of environmental culture in Ukraine. Now we want to give such opportunity to all Ukrainian schoolchildren. That’s why Eco-School is becoming available online. Everyone will be able to learn about the current environmental situation and ways to improve their life, school, city, Ukraine. Environmental friendliness has already become a global trend through introducing energy-saving technologies, refraining from using plastic, using alternative energy sources. Farmak as the European company also adheres to the principles of sustainable development. We make the treatment with effective and high-quality medicinal products available, we take care of reducing the environmental impact and we are doing our best to improve the environmental situation in Ukraine. “In 2019, we became the first Ukrainian company to join the UN Global Compact since Farmak’s sustainable development objectives and the goals of the Global Compact are closely intertwined”, said Olena Zubareva, Head of External Communications Department of JSC “Farmak”.

“Think globally, act locally! This is the main idea of sustainable development for everyone and for Ukraine as a whole. That is why the change of the Eco-School project into distance education format, the creation of a virtual environmental knowledge platform will not only make it possible to cover everyone who wants to get the latest information and a road map of environmentally conscious actions, but also reduce the project environmental impact. We will print less and visit schools less often, but we will invite more top experts to our classes and do our best to aggregate all the best graphics and videos, books and games, sites and blogs, movies and social advertising that have been already created for positive environmental changes in Ukraine. Educational platform “Eco-School” is the beginning of an exciting journey to our common comfortable and safe future. So, let’s go!”, said Oleksandra Khalaim, head of NGO Ukrainian Ecological Club Green Wave.

“Our company, DL Agency, is pleased to join such activities which are important for the future. We were set an extremely serious task – to expand a very useful project to cover the whole Ukraine by its digitalization. By making Eco-School available in the web space, we not only give the opportunity to all Ukrainian students to join it, but also preserve the ecological resources of our country, refusing to use printed materials”, noted Denis Kostenko, Production Director, DL Agency.

About the project

The pilot project “Eco-School” was successfully implemented in Shostka, where the API Manufacturing Department of JSC “Farmak” is located. 9 municipal schools joined the project. Within the framework of the project, 8-11 grade students completed 8-month training program on global theoretical environmental issues and learned how to use the gained knowledge in practice. The best projects aimed at solving the environmental problems of a particular school were awarded mini-grants from JSC “Farmak” for their implementation. The successful launch of the Eco-School project makes it possible to expand it to various parts of Ukraine, involving drivers of the environmental education movement, socially responsible business and, most importantly, non-indifferent, progressive youth of the country. In 2018, the Eco-School project became one of the top 20 social projects in Ukraine.

In 2019, Farmak expanded the Eco-School project and involved 10 schools in Kyiv. A unique manual that embraces the most crucial and important issues the world faces today has been developed for students. This manual has been already approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


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