Mar 05, 2013

Farmak’s specialists have confirmed the falsification of two “Amizon” batches

Farmak’s management officially informs that since March 01, 2013 there takes effect the banning for sale, storage and use of two batches (No 570911 та No180211) of the faked antiviral medicine “Amizon” (coated tablets, 0,25 g, 20 tablets in a package with “Farmak” marking).

At the end of the year 2012 at unlicensed warehouses in Lviv region The State Medicinal Service of Ukraine found “Amizon” of batch No 570911 and batch No 180211. During verification of the samples from the specified “Amizon” batches conducted by Farmak’s specialists there was discovered that the medicine is faked. According to the effective laws Farmak’s specialists immediately notified thereof The State Medicinal Service of Ukraine to prevent sale of the faked “Amizon” batches.

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