Mar 11, 2013

Farmak JSC has launched “Uronefron” drops of 50 ml volume to the market

A new dosage form is added to a line of herbal medicine “Uronefron” administered to treat the urinary system diseases. From now this medicine is manufactured in drops of 50 ml volume.

Course of treatment with “Uronefron” is about 2-6 weeks. A new dosage form of “Uronefron” drops of 50 ml is intended for minimum 2 weeks’ course of treatment.

“Uronefron” is used for complex therapy of infectious and inflammatory urinary system diseases (chronic cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic urethritis), urolithiasis-concomitant; during prophylactic treatment of urolithiasis relapse, including after surgical removal of urinary concrements.

Just to remind that “Uronefron” is also manufactured in drops of 25 ml volume, syrup and gel.

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