Aug 27, 2020

Farmak: 2020 Run for Your Health! will be held online and will cover the whole territory of Ukraine

This year the annual race organized by Farmak on the occasion of Shostka Town Day will be held remotely.

The format of Run for Your Health! is changed because of the quarantine restrictions. Each resident of Ukraine may join this sports event and participate in valuable prize drawing.

Those who are interested need to run a 2 km distance in any convenient place and publish their photos/videos and results on Facebook page with hashtag #FARMAKRUN2020 from August 31 till September 6.

All participants will get a chance to win valuable prizes.

Background information

It is traditional for JSC “Farmak” to support a healthy lifestyle and popularize sports. That is why in 2017 the Company decided to launch the major sports event Run for Your Health! in Shostka where API Manufacturing Department of JSC “Farmak” is located. Farmak has held Run For Your Health! in Shostka for three consecutive years. A new 500 m race for participants under 12 years old FARMAK MORE RUN was developed in 2019. The total number of participants in 2019 was 1,500, in 2018 – 600, in 2017 – 300.

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