Jul 01, 2016

Farmak helps an ATO solder to restore the house

The Charitable Foundation Farmak has financed the restoration of the burned house of Myhailo Tomkus, an ATO defender from Shostka. He participated in almost all the hottest confrontations with militants.

A fire that left a family with two young children homeless happened last year. Since then, Myhailo’s wife Lyudmila with three-year and five-year sons Myhailo and Andriy lived in a tent because the family could not leave their courtyard.

Fire inspectors called a short-circuit failure the fore reason. The fire destroyed completely the roof, all property and outbuildings, where they kept a significant portion of hay harvested for the livestock. The Charitable Foundation Farmak bought building materials worth over UAH 138,000.

Myhailo Tomkus, the victim: "Actually I did not expect to get help, but Farmak supplied us with the necessary building materials. The fact we have such a socially responsible companies like Farmak inspires hope for a better future. Now my wife and children live in the house."

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