Jun 25, 2016

Farmak Team Wins the Kyiv Spartak Basket

The Championship of businesses, organizations and institutions Kyiv Spartak Basket was held on June 14-17. The basketball team Farmak once again secured its championship.

Five teams took part in the tournament: Farmak, Sberbank, Kyiv Municipal Trade Union of Health Workers, Kyivstar and the Antonov Serial Plant. The championship was held in rounds.

In the final, the Farmak team met the Kyiv Municipal Trade Union of Health Workers. The game developed as a film plot and, as often happens in films, the last few seconds turned the balance. Thanks to the foul shot by Dmitro Voznesensky, who became the top player, Farmak has won.

Thus, Farmak got the gold, Sberbank – silver and bronze went to the health workers team.

According to tradition of the Kyiv City Olympics “Healthy Citizen”, the Kyiv Spartak Basket forms part of, Farmak as the winner challenged the Borschagivka Chemical and Pharmacological Plant and the Arterium Company.

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