Nov 15, 2017

Farmak hosted the MRI school for radiologists

Farmak hosted the MRI school for radiologists from Ukraine and the CIS countries. For two days, the experts from Poland, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus and other countries have been training over 200 specialists.


"Constant changes in the healthcare invoke the need for specialists’ enhanced training and their mastering new practices and techniques. Farmak produces сontrast media for MRI and CT diagnostics. These products are used by the radiologists in Ukraine and over 20 EU countries and the CIS. Therefore, the Company took the decision to arrange the event aimed for enhancing the professional level of the radiologists and sharing their experience. Today, Farmak is perhaps the only company focusing on professional development of the MRI specialists. In addition to lectures, Farmak MRI School arranges practical sessions, where the speakers share the clinical cases from their own experience. The discussion of specific medical cases and sharing the experience contribute greatly to enhancement of the practical skills", said Susana Khalilova, Farmak Marketing and Sales Director.


For the sixth year in a row, MRI School is gathering the radiologists together. In 2017, the visiting lecturers were the leading world CT and MRI experts, amongst, Joanna Niemunis-Sawichka (Poland), Nicolaos Kartalis (Sweden), Slavica Sotirovic-Senicar (Serbia), Alina K. Piekarek (Poland), Cem Calli (Turkey), and Konstantin Kenigsberg (Belarus).


"Professional development and communication is very important for us as MRI specialists. At such events, we share our experience, learn something new, and expand our knowledge base. Here we also have a good opportunity to practice English, because the speakers are mostly English speaking", commented on his experience Oleksandr Berezovsky, the radiologist from Georgia.

"This is a brilliant event gathering a great number of highly-qualified and experienced specialists. In my lecture, I touched the complicated topics and I saw them understanding what I was talking about. I saw the interest in their eyes; they were excited about new information and new knowledge. The medical doctors around the world are the same. They must not be different. They are to have the same knowledge base to make the correct diagnosis, and to treat a patient properly. Such events like this are contributing to that. And this is very important," said Joanna Niemunis-Sawichka, Ph.D., expert from Poland.

At the conference, there were discussed the problems of diagnosing the disorders in musculoskeletal system, abdominal cavity, liver, pancreas, as well as neuro-radiology problems. The participants also shared the medical cases from their own experience. Through the interactive voting, the participants could determine a diagnosis, based on the images shown by the speakers, and instantly check its accuracy.

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