Nov 23, 2016

Farmak conducts an educational event MRT School

Farmak, a leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, held a two-day scientific conference for radiology specialists – MRT School "Farmak 2016". This is the fifth event of this kind organized by Farmak.

The conference was attended by about 200 doctors, alongside with Ukrainians there were 14 attendees from Belarus, three Italians, three Kazakhs and a delegate from Serbia. The best domestic experts in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) delivered their presentations. The conference discussed the MRI capacities in cancer diagnosing. They also focused on MRI of eyes, MRI of the temporal bone and skull base. They considered MRI benefits in diagnosing traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system, especially the use of MRI in the diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis of the glenohumeral joint.

Also, the participants considered interactive cases of the neuro- and musculoskeletal radiology.

Besides the theoretical part, the MRT School "Farmak 2016" focused on practical cases.

Valeriy Yushchuk, Farmak Marketing Adviser: “MRT School "Farmak" is one of the few educational programs of this type in the post-Soviet region and only one in Ukraine at the moment. This is a traditional event for Farmak that actively supports doctors working in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to lectures, MRT School "Farmak 2016" also presents practical units where speakers discuss interesting clinical cases from their own practice. School participants consider each case is details thus improving their practical skills.”

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