Jan 11, 2013

Farmak JSC has developed the drug to treat arterial hypertension called Ramizes ® Com

Farmak JSC  has developed and launched into the market the arterial hypertension drug for the patients whom the combined therapy is advised. A new product is called Ramizes® Com. The drug is produced in tablets.

Ramizes® Com is a combined Ramipril-and-Hydrochlorothriazide preparation. Classical combination of these active pharmaceutical ingredients is acknowledged by the specialists all over the world as one of the most optimal arterial hypertension medication.

Ramizes® Com is produced in two dosages: 2,5mg Ramipril /12,5 mg Hydrochlorothriazide (30 tablets in a package), or 5 mg Ramipril /25 mg Hydrochlorothriazide (30 tablets in a package).

Maria Savelieva, Marketing Specialist of Farmak’s Cardiological and Neurological Drugs Department: “Ramizes® Com has some benefits. Especially, it is easy-to-use – just to take 1 tablet a day.  Total anti-hypertension effect potential of the preparation ingredients allows considerably increase the number of patients with stable arterial blood pressure reduction. The ability to reduce dosage-dependent side effects owing to the dosage reduction of the combined preparations as well by reciprocal effects neutralization. Decrease of the treatment expenses through the price for the combined preparations included in Ramizes® Com that is lower than the price for their ingredients taken separately. Ramizes® Com is the most effective organs protection and reduction of cardiovascular complications risk.’

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