May 15, 2015

Farmak to expand Hondra-Syla line

Farmak, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical market, has supplemented its Hondra-Syla product line with a new drug – Hondra-Syla Warming ointment.

Hondra-Syla Warming ointment is a combination of chondroitin sulfate and levomenthol, which helps eliminate manifestations of osteoarthritis even in exacerbation accompanied with severe pain. The ointment exerts a strong analgesic effect and helps restore cartilaginous tissue and slows the cartilage destruction from the very first day of use.

Maria Mitina, OTC Marketing Consultant, Farmak, says, “According to statistical information, every fifth person in the world has signs of osteoarthritis. For Ukraine, this problem is of current concern. Therefore, Farmak is actively working to help people suffering from osteochondrosis overcome this ailment. To this end, our experts have developed and launched Hondra-Syla Warming ointment. This drug is a proprietary development of Farmak professionals and has no analogues in the Ukrainian market”.

Hondra-Syla Warming ointment is indicated for treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints and spine (mainly localized form), osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis.


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