Oct 07, 2013

Farmak JSC expanded Vasopro product line

Farmak JSC, a leader of pharmaceutical market, has expanded the line of drugs for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Now this medicinal product comes in 500 mg capsules No. 60.

Vasopro in capsules is prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment of ischemic heart disease and dyshormonal cardiomyopathy; treatment of acute and chronic devascularization, hemophthalmia and retinal hemorrhage of various etiology; as well as central and branch retinal vein thrombosis. Moreover, the drug is prescribed to treat retinopathy of various etiology, work decrement, physical overexertion, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome in alcohol-dependent patients.

Olena Gichko, Marketing Consultant of Farmak Prescription Medicines Marketing Department, says, “In Ukraine, the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases grows from year to year. The treatment is expensive. In order to make it more affordable and give the patients an opportunity to undergo a comprehensive treatment, Farmak JSC has developed and launched Vasopro capsules into the market. One package of the drug is enough for a month to complete treatment after injection therapy conducted using Vasopro solution for injection.


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