Dec 15, 2016

Farmak expands the sales territory

Expanding its sales territories, Farmak intends to bring strategic drugs to the U.S. market in a partnership. That is why, in November 2016 Farmak joined the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT).

DCAT is a non-profit association focused on the business development in the global pharmaceutical industry. It was created in 1890 in the United States; the Association is the leading organization for business development in the industry, whose members are manufacturers, distributors, and companies that provide services to the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied industries. Through DCAT participation, its members get support in passing the regulatory requirements and obtaining FDA certification for products. More than 450 corporate members create new relationships and expand their networks of buyers and suppliers.

DCAT membership opens the following opportunities to Farmak:

– participation in educational programs aimed at the experience sharing, getting practical knowledge and analytics from leading experts in the sector;

– participation in forums and getting firsthand news about the strategic development and changes in the pharmaceutical industry from the DCAT member companies;

– drawing attention of prospective partners to the Farmak brand during the DCAT Week – the annual congress of companies engaged in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries;

– getting access to DCAT Connect – a network that allows companies to receive community newsletters, share contacts, view and comparative study materials offered by member companies;

– getting updates of the U.S. regulatory framework;

– consulting on R&D and registration of Farmak drugs in the U.S.;

– marketing Farmak products in the U.S.

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