Dec 19, 2016

Foster Grandchildren Project is recognized on an international scale

The Foster Grandchildren, a social project of Farmak aimed to support lonely seniors, was awarded at the international competition of ICSR social projects, organized by the Turkish JCI Office in cooperation with the UN.

The ICSR social project nominees were awarded in Istanbul, Turkey in early December. The event presented dozens of social projects from various Balkan countries (according to JCI regional division). Each project proves that the social component is an important part of both large and small businesses.

Vladyslav Strashnyi, Farmak Corporate Affairs Director: "Presentation of Foster Grandchildren social project at the ICSR contest in Istanbul promotes not only Farmak on the international level as a socially responsible company, but Ukraine as a whole. Today it is extremely important to be a conscientious citizen in a place where you live and work. This applies to business too. The world is highly unstable, and it makes people vulnerable and sensitive. Every initiated good deed that keeps on developing is a step towards peace and confidence in the future. "

It is worth to mention that the Foster Grandchildren Project won a number of awards at international competitions. In particular, it was awarded at the international festival WOW DONE AWARDS (Ukraine), White Square (Belarus), KIAF (Ukraine), Ad Black Sea in 2016 (Georgia), ADC * UA AWARDS (Ukraine).

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