Feb 10, 2014

Farmak launched a new cosmetic Avouge® to the market

Farmak, in cooperation with transnational company LG Life Science, has brought cosmetic Avouge® biogel to the market.

Avouge® is a cosmetic preparation, used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, in manufacturing of which a unique technology of hyaluronic acid stabilization is practised. Due to this, Avouge® biogel has evident long-term aesthetic effect and facilitates deep skin moistening.

Olena Alekseeva, a product manager of Farmak’s dermatological group, says, “Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid and the use of LG Life Sciences proprietary HESH-technology, Avouge® biogel stays in the dermis for a long time, is fixed at the injection site, does not migrate to other tissues and maximizes the effective duration of the contouring procedures.

Avouge® biogel has quality and durability results comparable with the most famous cosmetic brands, and an affordable price makes contour correction procedures available for a wider range of patients.”

It is worth mentioning that Farmak’s portfolio already includes the hyaluronic acid medicines. They are: Syngyal®, widely used for arthropathy treatment, Hyaral та Hyaral® Plus, used in ocular surgery.

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