Mar 15, 2017

Farmak is marketing GEMOTRAN in tablets

The pharmaceutical company Farmak has upgraded its product range with a new anti hemorrhage drug Gemotran in tabloid form. Gemotran indicated for treatment of troublesome bleedings with increased fibrinolysis, as generalized (bleeding during prostate surgery and in the postoperative period, hemorrhagic complications of the fibrinolytic therapy) and local (uterine, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding after prostatectomy or urinary bladder interventions, tonsillectomy, cervical conization, tooth extraction in patients with hemophilia); hereditary angioedema.

Bleeding is still widespread and pressing problem in the modern practice. Unfortunately, a high mortality rate because of the massive blood loss prevails. The emergence of a new drug has not only medical but also social value. *

A healthcare specialist may choose an effective and convenient form of the Gemotran drug to deal with such a serious enemy – the bleeding.

The quality of Farmak drugs has won the trust of Ukrainian and foreign consumers because their health and life quality is the main goal for Farmak, which is once again proven by release of a new Gemotran drug in tablets.

* Andreas Meißner, Peter Schlenke / Massive Bleeding and Massive Transfusion / Transfus Med Hemother 2012; 39: 73-84 DOI:10.1159/000337250

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