Nov 03, 2014

Farmak brought to the market Ototon, a medicinal product to treat otitis

Farmak JSC, the leader of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market continues to expand its ENT product portfolio and bring new medicinal products to the market. Thus, a new medicinal product Ototon in the form of ear drops (16 g) was added to Farmak's product portfolio.

Ototon is used for local symptomatic treatment and pain relief for diseases of the middle ears when the eardrum is intact:


Ototon is a combination of 2 active pharmaceutical ingredients: phenazone and lidocaine, which have pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

This medicinal product starts to have its effect in as little as 5 minutes after dropping. The pain syndrome disappears almost completely in 15-30 minutes.

This medicinal product can be prescribed to adult patients and children 4 drops 2-3 times a day.

If required, Ototon can be used during pregnancy, breast-feeding, and for breast-fed children after consultation with a doctor.

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