Jun 11, 2015

Farmak takes part in the briefing on the first results of Charitable Medical Kit campaign

Farmak JSC took part in the press briefing on Charitable Medical Kit held on 11 June 2015.  The event was organized by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and Contribution to Medicine Development International Charitable Fund.

The press briefing was held in Kyiv Medical Social Center, Contribution to Medicine Development International Charitable Fund, on assistance to the people in emergency situations and families of internally displaced persons. The event was devoted to the results of Charitable Medical Kit campaign, started on 8 May 2015 under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Policy. Three Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, including amongst Farmak JSC, a leader of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, took part in the event.

Thanks to the charity activities of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies within the framework of the campaign, at present, over 5 thousand of Charitable Medical Kits with over-the-counter medicines are formed and being delivered, through volunteers and charity organizations, to internally displaced families.

The Charitable Medical Kits are delivered to the families, residing in Chernigiv, Donetsk (Sloviansk), and Luhansk (Sievierodonetsk) regions.

Oleksiy Yatsyuk, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Farmak JSC, says, “Farmak, jointly with the other members of Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine Association, determined to take part in the Charitable Medical Kit campaign. We have provided the medicinal products to the amount of nearly UAH 1 million. That was the first stage of the project. At present, the second stage – assistance to hospices in various regions of Ukraine (a total of 10 hospices), is being actively implemented. Farmak participates in the mentioned within the framework of its permanent charity activities.

Farmak Charitable Fund was established in 2011 to provide the charity activities and ensure control for the charity assistance to reach the ultimate recipients. At present, the Fund provides the charity activities in such areas as assistance to educational institutions and orphanages, health-care establishments and patients, cultural establishments, support and assistance to the troops in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone and internally displaced persons”.


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