Jun 16, 2015

Farmak joined EBA Health Care Committee

Farmak joined EBA Health Care Committee.

EBA Health Care Committee is one of the most experienced and sizeable unions operating in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, and focusing on regulatory issues. A certain group is engaged in the issues related to registration and import of medicines, medical equipment, medical devices, and clinical trials in Ukraine.

Vladyslav Strashnyi, Head of PR Department, Farmak, says, “Health Care Committee is a platform to discuss the most topical issues and problems of the health care sector. Farmak’s membership will enable consolidation with the leading players of the pharmaceutical market to address the key issues. We hope that our cooperation with EBA Health Care Committee will be fruitful for development of Farmak and the industry, in particular.”  

It is worth mentioning that the Management Board of the European Business Association resolved to admit Farmak to EВA on April 20, 2015.

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