Feb 14, 2012

Farmak JSC launches a promo website for Laktiale synbiotic

Farmak JSC has announced launch of a new information resource: promo website for a modern synbiotic Laktiale*. Visit this website at: http://www.laktiale.com.ua/ua/index.html.

The website provides detailed information about Laktiale’s properties and how it works.

You will also find interesting and useful information about: intestinal microflora and how microflora affects immunity; dysbacteriosis and its manifestations; stress and its effect on the human body; correct nutrition, and many other things.

On the promo website you may also receive expert consultation concerning specifics of the drug’s effect, learn how to take Laktiale, etc.

*Laktiale represents a complex of seven most important useful bacteria. They help restore intestinal microflora and eliminate not only the symptoms of intestinal disorders but the reasons that cause them, and also maintain the nervous and immune systems in healthy state.

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