Dec 26, 2014

Farmak to launch a website of the Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan

Farmak, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, has launched a website of its Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan, which can be found at

Farmak’s Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan has been working since February 2013. Although it is worth mentioning that Farmak’s products were launched at Kyrgyzstan market back in mid-1990s. According to the analytical pharmaceutical database, IMS, today Farmak is in TOP-20 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers at Kyrgyzstan market, ranking 20th with a market share of 1.54 % (monetary value, USD), improving its position in the rating by 29 points, from the 49th in 2013.

The resource has a convenient Russian interface and a clear structure that allows finding all the necessary information in maximum three clicks.

Maya Sandulska, Head of Department for Marketing of Export Markets, Farmak, says, “The website of our Company’s Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan will enable to enhance communication with the target audience in the local market. It will enable prompt informing of new drugs marketed in Kyrgyzstan, social projects implemented by the Representative Office, activities of the Representative Office and the Company itself, vacancies and quick feedback from patients, potential partners, companies and institutions interested in cooperation with the Representative Office”.


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