Jul 31, 2020

Farmak as a partner of the Museum of Science of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

As part of intensifying the cooperation between the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Farmak, the pharmaceutical company became a partner of the Museum of Science, which will be opened this autumn in Kyiv in the territory of the VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). The Museum of Science was established by the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in collaboration with Gres Todorchuk Agency and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

In autumn 2020, the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (JAS) in partnership with Farmak plans to open the first interactive space “Museum of Science” in Kyiv. One can ride a bike with square wheels, go on a “space journey”, see a two-meter hologram and a 60-kilogram crystal, make water and salt from atoms in augmented reality, and learn how the human body is built here. Generally, more than 120 interactive exhibits and installations are available for visitors. A separate area of the space will be dedicated to the Ukrainian scientists.

The teams from Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Poland and Sweden were involved to create the exposition which consists of 7 blocks. In particular, the exhibition “Strange Matter” of the Canadian Ontario Science Center as one of the most famous scientific and research centers in the world is presented here. The exhibitions “Great Inventions”, “Human”, “Acoustics” and “Optics” were developed especially for the Museum of Science by the Polish company Strong Interactions, the team of which worked on the creation of the famous Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. One of the key exhibits came to Kyiv from the Museum of Mathematics in New York. This is a tricycle (there are only four in the world) with square wheels. In addition, unique interactive exhibits and activities developed by Farmak will be integrated into the exhibition “Human”. The installation of an enlarged copy of a human cell which one can look into and see what is happening inside is one of the exhibits from Farmak.

“This year Farmak celebrates its 95th anniversary. It is symbolic for us to take part in the project of creating the Museum of Science organized by the JAS because the motto of our anniversary year is “Science Inside”. After all, science and Farmak are inseparable. The company employs 150 researchers, including 40 candidates of sciences and 5 doctors of sciences. Farmak invests approximately 95% of its profits in innovation and development annually. This amount includes a share of investments in the scientific development of the company. Farmak has been holding the School of Young Scientist for several years, striving for reviving the scientific potential of our country. On the occasion of our anniversary, in cooperation with Osnovy Publishing, we published the book “So much for the science”. It tells the stories of 30 modern Ukrainian scientists who advance the world science. The main goal of the project is to popularize science and develop the scientific potential of Ukraine, for young scientists to see the prospects for their development within the homeland and not to move abroad. I am sure that such projects will cultivate love of science and the desire to develop in this area among young people, and the state will do its best to create the conditions for strengthening and developing our scientific potential. We have a lot to strive for because today Ukraine ranks 42nd among countries of the world in terms of research activity,” said Olena Zubarieva, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development Department of JSC “Farmak”.

The project is launched in the renovated pavilion “Science” at the VDNKh. Today the space built in 1958 for scientific exhibitions reopens its doors to anyone who is interested in how the world is organized. Fedoriv Agency worked on the identity of the project, the architecture of the pavilion was created by MONO Architects team, and Farmak became a partner.

The joint work of the JAS and Farmak on the Museum of Science project is a logical continuation of the successful collaboration initiated earlier. In fact, Farmak is the first Ukrainian pharmaceutical company to sign the memorandum of cooperation with the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in January 2020.
During the quarantine period, the security measures recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are enhanced, namely: wearing masks when entering, limiting the number of visitors due to the advance purchase of tickets with a fixed time, disinfection of interactive elements of exhibits and other surfaces.
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