Nov 30, 2023

Farmak ChemPro provides an opportunity for chemistry students to gain practical experience and get a job


In November, Farmak ChemPRO was launched, a four-month intensive course, during which 12 chemical students from three leading universities in Kyiv will have the opportunity to gain practical skills and work in a laboratory using modern equipment. During the training, students will receive comprehensive support from leading specialists of the pharmaceutical company Farmak and course professors. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate assessing the level of practical skills and knowledge acquired.

Farmak founded this project in partnership with the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) after it was faced with an insufficiently low level of practical training among graduates as a result of the online learning format due to the pandemic and a full-scale war in Ukraine. As a market leader, the company understands the importance of high-quality training of future specialists for the industry as a whole and therefore aims to provide students with the opportunity to gain the practical skills necessary for further work in analytical and chromatographic chemistry.

Farmak ChemPRO participants passed the selection, and on November 21, the first lesson of the program took place at KNUTD. A lot of practical experience awaits them in the coming days as well.

“During distance learning, there were lessons, problems, and formulas, but I wanted more practical training and experience. I only saw the chromatograph. But I want to know how to work with it,” one of the Farmak ChemPro program participants comments.

For chemists working in laboratories of pharmaceutical companies, the ability to operate analytical and technological equipment is mandatory. As with any skill: the sooner you start developing it, the more confident you will be in your future work. The Farmak ChemPRO intensive course is designed to solve precisely this problem, that is to give young people the opportunity to master these skills during their studies. After completing the intensive course and passing the exams, all course graduates will receive certificates, and the best students will receive the opportunity for further employment.

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