Sep 16, 2020

Farmak has set up an innovative lecture hall at the National University of Pharmacy

On September 15, the grand opening of the lecture hall of the Department of Pharmaceutical Products Technologies of the National University of Pharmacy took place

“The role of a pharmacist cannot be overestimated today. We all see how during the pandemic the role of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer has grown for all countries – not only for Ukraine. Uninterrupted supply of medicinal products is the main task we are coping with. We worked effectively during quarantine, without stopping the manufacturing, and provided protection for our employees in this extremely difficult period. Farmak provides the necessary effective and high quality medicinal products to the residents of Ukraine and almost 30 countries worldwide. Since the beginning of the year we have supplied a significant number of complex, high-tech medicinal products to Israel, Singapore, EU and CIS countries, etc. The development of scientific potential in Ukraine is a strategic task for the state and business. We need to cooperate with universities that train specialized specialists. We should support the scientific community, allocate money for basic science and stimulate applied development. This will support the scientific process in the country and will help stop the outflow of specialists. We are sure that with the right policy of supporting domestic science, Ukraine can become one of the world’s R&D centers. Farmak annually launches about 20 new complex medicinal products on the market. The company invests approximately 15 million US dollars per year in research and development. That is why we, more than anyone, understand the need to support domestic universities. Farmak cooperates with six leading Ukrainian universities. During their internship with us, students have access to modern equipment and advanced developments. This year we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Junior Academy of Sciences. Farmak has been running Young Scientist School for several years, striving to revive our country’s scientific potential. The company employs 150 scientists, 40 of whom are Candidates of Sciences and 5 Doctors of Sciences”, – said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Executive Director of JSC “Farmak”.

“Cooperation with employers is a current requirement for universities. This is the only way to ensure the quality of education and practical and personal readiness of a graduate to enter the labour market. Complex cooperation of stakeholders is based on the combination of intellectual, material, financial and corporate resources of partners through a variety of cooperation programs. This is a productive dialogue. Farmak is a long-term strategic partner of the National University of Pharmacy in terms of educational and scientific cooperation, providing graduates with employment, and implementing social projects. I am convinced that the development of direct partnership between business and the university contributes to the quality of specialists’ training and prestige of the pharmaceutical profession,” – said Alla Kotvitska, Rector of the National University of Pharmacy.


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