Aug 13, 2021

Farmak is one of TOP successful Ukrainian brands

TOP 50 successful Ukrainian brands with a stable reputation and a high level of customer confidence have been determined by the Focus expert magazine. Farmak as the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market leader is among the best.

The rating includes both brand companies and brand products from different segments: retail, pharmaceuticals, food industry, telecommunication, construction and others.

The leaders have been determined by the heads of the largest creative agencies and experts of the magazine in four stages. First, a long list of 100 most famous brands with a high recognition rate has been compiled. The activities and reputation of the companies have been then evaluated. After that, a focus group has been engaged, which has measured the brand confidence level on a scale of one to ten. The financial indicators have been assessed at the final stage.

Farmak which is included in the rating is known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond: it exports medicinal products to the EU, Central and South America, CIS, Middle East, Asia. In 2020, Farmak increased its export supplies by 40%, and today the Company’s products are represented in more than 30 countries.

Farmak’s product portfolio includes about 200 brands of medicinal products manufactured at a high-tech enterprise in compliance with the strict European GMP requirements.

“A good reputation, just as a strong brand, is a result of our Company’s activities rather than a goal. We ensure the compliance of our products with the highest quality standards and are proud to be appreciated by consumers,“ said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of Farmak.

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