Apr 04, 2023

Farmak is recognized as the company with the best reputation among pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers in Ukraine

On March 31, 2023, at the PRNext International Forum, the winners of the VIII National Corporate Reputation Management Quality Rating “Reputation ACTIVISTS” were announced. The first place in the field of “Pharmacy and Medicine” was taken by the leader of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine Farmak.

In total, 663 companies from different industries took part in the rating, demonstrating the best work of their reputation management system in war conditions. Among them are domestic enterprises and Ukrainian divisions of international corporations.

The rating jury, which included 149 independent analysts, industry experts and specialized journalists from leading media, evaluated companies according to 5 criteria: reputational stability, media activity, innovative approach, CSR image capital and anti-crisis stability.

“Many Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies suffered significantly from the shelling, for example, Farmak lost a warehouse with products worth hundreds of millions of hryvnias… However, this did not stop the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, and it continued to work, provide humanitarian assistance and support medical institutions, territorial defense, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in every possible way, as well as their employees atthe front and the civilian population,” comments Olena Trush, jury member and managing owner of RedBiz Medical Business Laboratory LLC.

“The reputation of Ukrainian business during the war is not only about its own achievements. But also about the fact that it forms a kind of indicator of the stability for our public and foreign partners. Last year, Farmak on February 28, in the midst of the war, paid taxes in advance to support the state; subsequently renewed investment in new and existing manufacturing sites, and provided secure shelters for employees. Throughout the year, we did everything to ensure that our medicine was available to the Ukrainian consumer and helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine with everything from medicines to cars and drones. This is the best indicator of responsible business and the reputation we have today,” says Alla Pozychaniuk, head of Farmak’s PR department.

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