Apr 04, 2023

A thousand of families received seed kits from Farmak


For the second year in a row, the company supports the Seeds for Ukraine initiative, which is supposed to provide villagers with seed material so that they can grow their own crops and prevent a food crisis in the country. This year, the project provides assistance to internally displaced persons and people in the liberated territories.

“We will provide communities with seeds, help install greenhouses and deliver crops to where they are needed. Our goal is to support 100,000 families and communities in 10 regions most affected by the russian war,” the organizers say.

The military invasion caused great harm to people and nature: infrastructure was destroyed, logistics chains were broken, territories were mined, fields were burned. Millions of people were forced to leave their homes and become displaced. The Seeds for Ukraine initiative helps people living in rural areas to use land efficiently and provide food for their families.

Farmak handed over a thousand seed kits to families in the Kherson and Shostka communities. Depending on the needs, the seeds are formed into “family sets” of 15-20 packages and transferred to the regions.

“We are distributing seed kits for the second time. Last year, we helped the internally displaced persons of the Shostka community with seeds, and, during the year, they provided fresh vegetables and conservation of their own production to the front. Such a cycle of help among Ukrainians!” – comments Yevgeniya Piddubna, director of corporate communications.


Follow the link to find more details about the Seeds for Ukraine project.

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