Mar 23, 2021

Farmak joined international Young SDG Innovators Programme


The Company has become a participant of the Programme launched by the United Nations Global Compact for the second time. The training participants generate solutions for the current challenges in sustainable development.

The companies participating in the Programme are represented by the teams consisting of up to three innovators and one champion. Innovators are young professionals with a novel view of the company’s business strategy, and the champion is the company’s senior-level manager who helps to promote the ideas and outcomes of the Programme. Farmak is represented by three innovators and one champion.

“Due to the project, I can get an insight into the industry and the global economy from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals. I am sincerely convinced that big business players are able to adapt their strategies and create a new business culture in the region. I set my mind on addressing the challenge for Farmak as part of the Sustainable Development Goals,” the project participant, Computerized System Validation Engineer at JSC Farmak said.


During camps and meetings, teams of the Ukrainian companies Farmak, Ukrenergo, Ukrzaliznytsia, Caparol, Infotech, DTEK, the Energy Efficiency Fund and Nova Poshta communicate both with representatives of other participating countries of the UN Global Compact and with one another.

“The first impression is a sense of pride that our team has become a part of a global mission that seeks to change the world for the better. Participating in the Programme I expect to gain new knowledge and skills that will enable to contribute to the sustainable development of the Company, society and the country as a whole,” the project participant, Lead Utility Expert at JSC Farmak said.

The duration of training programme is nine months. During this period, young innovators attend trainings, participate in forums with participants from other countries and visit other companies studying their cases.

The teams are expected to have proven solutions to the challenge of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into their companies’ activities, as well as the developed project scaling plan upon completion of the Programme.


Background information:

Young SDG Innovators is an international programme aimed at accelerating professional development for employees with high potential which ensures tangible outputs and results for business. Participating companies can assign up to three innovators and one champion from different units (e.g. business development, R&D, sustainable development). This team will work on the challenge for their company to develop more sustainable business models, initiatives and products that will contribute to the company’s sustainable development efforts, stimulate innovation and generate tangible solutions with potential market value.

Farmak shares the UN Global Compact goals which are designed to improve the quality of life and increase social responsibility of businesses in the public interest. Farmak has become the first pharmaceutical company to join the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine.

In 2020, Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of Farmak, joined the Supervisory Board of the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine. The Board consists of CEOs and other participating companies. They are the leaders of influential businesses and public organizations. That year, Farmak participated in the Young SDG Innovators Programme for the first time. The Company’s team showcased its final project “Integration of Sustainable Development Goals into Existing Business Processes”.


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