Nov 21, 2023

Farmak joined Kyiv Investment Forum 2023

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On November 16, Brussels hosted the VII Investment Forum of the city of Kyiv, an event dedicated to the post-war reconstruction and innovative development of the Ukrainian capital. This year the event brought together more than 500 participants, those were representatives of European institutions, mayors of European cities, heads of international investment funds and financial organizations, as well as the European and Ukrainian businesses.

The forum consisted of four main panels: 1) cooperation at the city-city level; 2) decentralization as a key driver of regional development; 3) investment in the sustainable transformation of the capital and 4) development of human-centric metropolises.

The director of corporate communications of the pharmaceutical company Farmak, Yevgeniya Piddubna, took part in the panel discussion on the sustainable transformation of Kyiv.

Yevgeniya focused her points on the importance of constant dialogue and close cooperation between local government, business and civil society, and also the role of entrepreneurship in sustainable economic and social development and financial support for the life of Kyiv. So the plan for the transformation and further development of the capital of Ukraine must be developed with the active participation of key businesses in Kyiv. With an emphasis on the balance between the construction of new residential areas and infrastructure without compromising the operations of critical manufacturing enterprises, such as Farmak.

Click the link to view the recording of the Kiyv Investment Forum broadcast.

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