Apr 21, 2021

FARMAK JSC reiterates support for México’s international bidding process for medical supplies

KYIV, UKRAINE. April 21, 2021.  FARMAK JSC, leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and the country’s largest exporter of medicinal products since 2010, reiterates its support for Mexico’s government decision to create an international tender process through the United Nations Office for Project Services, UNOPS, to acquire several products of key significance for the Mexican pharmaceutical market and the health of the Mexican people.

FARMAK JSC has participated in the delivery of an important life-saving product, Propofol with EDTA under ITB/2020/17938 (“clave 010.000.0246.00”). This is the most widely used intravenous anesthetic, one with a number of advantages over the same product without edetate disodium dihydrate, EDTA. As a result, Farmak JSC is eagerly awaiting UNOPS decision on this process. Such decision was originally scheduled to take place in March 2021 to begin supplying the product in May, without there being now certainty as of the new date for UNOPS decision.

“We are ready to provide 1,336,138 units of Propofol WITH EDTA as soon as the tender is defined by UNOPS and, as we expect, we are deemed the best offer under the code on which we are participating”, said Viktor Kostiuk Business Development Director of JSC “Farmak”.

“I want to stress the fact that under code / clave 0246, it is clear that UNOPS is requesting Propofol with ETDA, as opposed to other codes / claves where the tender does not require the presence of such a key component of the anesthetic as EDTA. For that, we are certain that UNOPS will only consider tenders that align strictly to the requirements made”, – Mr. Victor continued.

FARMAK JSC will continue to monitor closely the progress made by UNOPS on the matter at hand. Its trust is placed on a key international organization such as UNOPS, which is being trusted in turn by the Mexican government to carry out a most important international tender process.

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