Apr 21, 2021

Farmak to join the World’s Largest Lesson

On April, 18, the World’s Largest Lesson was launched in Ukraine. This initiative is aimed at spreading information about the Sustainable Development Goals among young people and increasing their interest in solving the global challenges of humanity. This year 100 countries have joined the project.

3,000 people (approximately), both schoolchildren and students, are expected to participate in the learning activities. This project encourages young people to be active, take responsibility and develop leadership skills.

Farmak representatives joined the event to tell the audience about the principles of sustainable development, about how the Company implements the Global Goals in its activities, how Farmak reduces its environmental impact, supports Ukrainian science and discoveries, about the advantages of the Company as an employer, corporate culture and productive lives of its employees. We have also shared information about the opportunities that Farmak offers students: participation in educational projects of the Company such as Farmak_Lab, the School of Young Scientists, Farmak Science Start hackathon, internship at the Company and employment of graduates.

The World’s Largest Lesson is a great opportunity to draw attention of Generation Z, both schoolchildren and conscious youth, to global issues. The corporate sector is of great importance in implementing and developing such initiatives. Because it is a vector that shows the direction of solving current challenges of humanity, and socially responsible companies demonstrate on their own examples how to implement the relevant initiatives to improve the welfare of society,” Vice President of AIESEC (global platform for young people) comments.

The project implementation in Ukraine is possible due to AIESEC and support of business.

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