Jul 24, 2023

Farmak launched its own medical portal MedHub

The pharmaceutical company Farmak has developed its own medical portal, which it has been working on for the past six months. MedHub is a knowledge base that is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals looking to keep up to date with the latest healthcare news, industry innovations, and scientific breakthroughs.

With convenient filtering options, MedHub makes it easy to find the right information on a range of topics: expert materials, treatment protocols, drug data, and industry news.

Currently, users and healthcare professionals can easily access materials and recommendations for drugs for gynecology and dermatology. And for those looking for specific information about a particular disease or health problem, a disease name search feature is also available.

In addition to articles on the site, materials for download, quizzes to test knowledge, and videos in the relevant categories are available. And you can deepen your professional knowledge in educational courses, also available on the portal. Among them are the original courses Doctor’s Brand and Comfortable Communication with Patients.

“We strive to keep the information provided on the MedHub platform up to date. Therefore, we are constantly working to ensure that the content on the medical portal is new, useful and evidence-based. If doctors or pharmacists want to be ahead of current medical trends, MedHub is exactly the place where you can read about them in Ukrainian,” says Iryna Pashketnyk, Head of Digital Marketing at Farmak.

In addition, MedHub contains full descriptions and compositions of pharmaceuticals produced by Farmak. This is an advantage for those doctors who are looking for information about specific drugs. All you need to do is select the category “Farmak Products” and get information about medicines.

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