Oct 19, 2023

Farmak production was visited by more than 800 guests

In January 2023, Farmak opened its doors for offline excursions. Over the past 10 months, the company’s production and laboratory have already been visited by more than 800 guests from different parts of Ukraine.


The excursion route was specially designed to show visitors the processes of creating modern medicines using the latest equipment in every detail – it includes not only workshops, but also a quality control laboratory and an R&D complex (development and research).

“Taking your first steps through the production workshops of Farmak, you are immersed in a science-fiction film, where reality has long outstripped your idea of how medicines are produced. Impressive sterility and cleanliness, hyper-care for proper conditions for the production of medicines. The quality of equipment, water and air purification processes, all product quality control processes, staff awareness and training alsp caught my attention. What I saw and heard today radically changed my understanding of Ukrainian pharmaceuticals,” shares family doctor Natalya Petrashuk after the excursion.


In total, among the visitors there are more than 500 doctors of various specialties, 200 students of specialized universities, 50 pharmacists from leading pharmacy chains in Ukraine and 20 public opinion leaders. In addition, Farmak was visited on an excursion by representatives of regulatory bodies, for example the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the State Service for Licensing, etc., as well as young entrepreneurs and businessmen.

In particular, over the past two weeks, 35 pharmacists from leading pharmacy chains from different regions of Ukraine came to visit,  the D.S. pharmacy chain, Podorozhnyk, Pharmacia, Vitaminka, Pharm-Holding, Pharmaco, and others, as well as doctors from the cities of Khmelnitsky, Starokonstantiniv, Sumy, Poltava and Cherkasy.


“Farmak, as the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, by default has a high level of confidence in the quality of its products. At the same time, after a tour of the production facilities, we had the opportunity to verify the extremely high standards of work, the high technological level and, most importantly, the high loyalty of workers to their company. When you see the love for work in the eyes of such qualified employees, it says a lot,” Karine Sahakyan, commercial director of the DS pharmacy chain,, shared her impressions after the excursion.

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