Oct 27, 2023

Farmak took part in CPHI 2023, one of the largest pharmaceutical exhibitions

Every year, the international industry exhibition CPHI Worldwide is visited by tens of thousands of guests from different countries and continents. Here, under one roof, representatives of all areas involved in the development and production of medicines gather: from innovative research centers to manufacturers of advanced pharmaceutical equipment. The Farmak company annually takes part in the exhibition and presents Ukrainian-made medicines to the international community.

farmak CPHI 2023

This year the exhibition took place in Barcelona, Spain. Its goal is to establish partnerships between participants, develop the international pharmaceutical community and open new business opportunities.

Farmak’s portfolio includes more than 450 pharmaceutical products. This year, our strategic focus at the international exhibition was medicines used in anesthesiology and intensive care, diagnostic imaging, for the treatment of anemia, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

Among Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, Farmak has the largest number of GMP certificates (note “Good Manufacturing Practice”) issued by European regulators. They cover the production of medicines in various forms, ranging from tablets, capsules, ointments, to suppositories, medicines in the form of emulsions, suspensions, as well as product quality control operations.

Farmak is the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, the largest domestic exporter and the most valuable brand in the industry**, and is also among the 1000 largest drug manufacturers in the world. Medicines from the Ukrainian manufacturer Farmak are sold in Europe, in particular the EU, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and also in Australia. The company has representative offices in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. International offices in Poland and the UAE, as well as affiliated companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

It is symbolic that in 2024 in this city, where the CPHI Worldwide exhibition took place this week, Barcelona, Spain, a new Farmak production facility is planned to open. There will be more Ukrainian medicines in Europe!

*According to Proxima Research

**According to MPP Consulting 2023 research

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