Apr 21, 2023

Farmak received an award from CSR Ukraine for the best social projects

In April, CSR Ukraine*, with the support of EY in Ukraine and Global Giving, held an annual national award that recognizes projects aimed at implementing the sustainable development goals. Two corporate social projects of the Farmak company received distinctions at once. The company was awarded for the uninterrupted supply of medicines during the war and the Mobile Doctors project.

In total, 30 cases were presented from enterprises of different industries: Foxtrot, Eva, Metro, SoftServe, Sigma Software, Intellias, Eleks, Techiia, PrivatBank, Kredobank, PUMB, Goodvalley Ukraine, WOG, Farmak, Ferrexpo, KPMG Ukraine, Kyivstar, Bayer, Coca Cola, Metinvest.

Among the initiatives that were in the spotlight this year were assistance to the Armed Forces, IDPs and victims of hostilities, restoration of facilities and institutions affected by hostilities, raising standards of work in the industry, community development, solving environmental problems, supporting employees and others.


Farmak in the first days of the war donated to charity all the finished products that were available at the plant. In the first month of open aggression, the invaders destroyed the central warehouse of the enterprise, located near the village of Makariv, Kyiv region. All finished products and packaging materials were stored there. Losses amounted to about 1.5 billion hryvnias.

After the destruction of the warehouse, so that critically important medicines would not disappear in the country, Farmak turned to its international partners for help. With a request to deliver medicines and medical products to Ukraine as humanitarian aid. Some of them were provided free of charge, part of the expenses were covered by the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation**. As part of this initiative, humanitarian medicines worth about 1.8 million euros were brought.

Also, with the support of Farmak, the Mobile Doctors project is carried out. The purpose of the project is to provide free medical care and medicines to Ukrainians in the de-occupied territories. A truck converted into a mobile laboratory and an ultrasound room is sent to the villages and cities liberated from the invaders. On-site doctors perform a blood test, an electrocardiogram, and ultrasound diagnostics. For each patient, a medical record is made, where all the results of examinations and analyzes are recorded. And then the therapist conducts a consultation and prescribes medicines that Farmak provides patients with.

More than 100 patients were able to undergo diagnostics, receive a doctor’s consultation and receive free medicines in just one visit of the Mobile Doctors.

*CSR Ukraine (Center for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility) is an expert organization in Ukraine that unites more than 40 large companies, together with which it has been promoting the principles of sustainable business for more than 15 years.

**The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation is an all-Ukrainian charitable organization founded in 2011. The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation and the pharmaceutical company Farmak are part of the activities of the Zhebrivski family and implement the family’s charitable and business activities. Priority areas are educational, health care and cultural areas. The Foundation has also been providing constant assistance to the army since 2014, and since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, this assistance has amounted to more than 66 million UAH.

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