Jun 18, 2021

Farmak scales up Lean Manufacturing program

Pharmaceutical company Farmak’s operational efficiency growth strategy is based on the culture of continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing. Following the successful implementation of the Lean pilot project, the Company is introducing this concept throughout its manufacturing facilities and in logistics processes.

Lean OREX-2025 pilot project was launched at Farmak’s manufacturing facilities in early 2021. The priorities identified by the program include: reducing the cost of products, improving the quality of processes, developing and involving the personnel in continuous improvements, and increasing the level of manufacturing facility operational maturity.

Under Lean OREX-2025, the overall efficiency of site equipment has increased from 10% to 16% at various sites. Equipment readjustment has reduced from 8% to 33%. A number of automation projects have been launched to optimize the number of personnel and boost labour productivity. Due to their implementation, 853 hours of working time per year has been saved.

Each employee can make an input to the suggestion box to improve work processes aimed at saving or improving raw material, energy, financial resources, etc.

“Working as part of cross-functional teams of specialists in various fields contributes to comprehensively analysing the situation, organizing a brainstorming session and developing specific measures for improvement. The desire for constant changes and the implementation of continuous innovative solutions are the approaches that help us to remain leaders of the national pharmaceutical market, increase the Company’s presence in Ukraine and abroad,” said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of Farmak.

Given the positive results of the project implementation at the manufacturing facilities, in June, Farmak launched the Lean project in the Transport Logistics Division. By the end of 2021, the Lean project will be scaled up to cover all divisions engaged in the Company’s operational activities.

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