Jun 04, 2020

Farmak spent UAH 2.85 million to improve its fleet

550 cars and trucks have been equipped with GPS monitoring systems since the beginning of 2020. Such systems make it possible to track the condition and location of the vehicles with the cargo, to save money and optimize logistics.


GPS trackers with connection to CAN (Controller Area Network) bus were installed on the trucks. The vehicles were equipped with sensors to monitor the fuel level, temperature, door opening and horn in the event of a van door opening. Operators read information from the car on-board computer online and are informed of all necessary parameters of the cargo condition. The temperature in the van is constantly monitored and, if necessary, deviations are promptly corrected, which is especially important during the transportation of medicinal products that require a certain temperature regime. Operators control the opening of the van door and access to the cargo, which is required by the FDA. The automation of completing road transport documents in SAP is also implemented.

Cars have been equipped with similar GPS trackers connected to CAN bus. This makes it possible to read the necessary information from the on-board computer online at any time, to plan maintenance and control the quality of driving according to certain parameters. It is also possible to integrate GPS data into the SAP system and automate the completion of road transport documents.

GPS monitoring significantly reduces the cost of additional protection systems such as alarms, locking devices, as well as effectively helps in the search for a stolen car.

Farmak as a leader of the pharmaceutical market strives for continuous improvement. Last year, the investments in modernization amounted to UAH 714 million. The company works on process optimization, reduces costs and integrates modern IT solutions. GPS-monitoring of vehicles is one of such solutions. Using such system is a matter of time, especially when it comes to transporting medicinal products. Every day the company’s vehicles travel thousands of kilometers, so it is necessary to monitor the condition and location of cars and cargo online, as well as to effectively plan logistics. It is very important for a pharmaceutical company to respond in time to deviations in order to provide Ukrainians and patients from other countries with Farmak medicinal products. After all, we all have a common mission, which is to make the treatment with quality and effective medicinal products possible, and all processes should be performed continuously, so that the delivery of medicinal products around the world does not stop for a minute. Therefore, Farmak adheres to the GMP standards not only in the manufacture of medicinal products, but also during transportation,” said Maryna Striganova, Farmak Logistics and Procurement Director.

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