Jul 08, 2021

Farmak’s CSR Programs is in TOP 25

25 best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs were presented in the ranking published by Vlast Deneg (The Power of Money) magazine.

The magazine’s experts studied the companies’ cases and selected the leaders, i.e. the companies that have implemented the most effective and successful programs in 2020-2021. Data from open sources, media reports and expert opinions were used to compile the ranking. The companies from various sectors and regions of Ukraine were represented.

“Compiling the TOP 25, we wanted to emphasize the positive results achieved, so we present the companies that implement the best corporate social responsibility programs in Ukraine in alphabetical order, without ranking by numbers,” commented the ranking organizers.

Farmak’s projects are among the leaders. During a challenging 2020, the Company continued to maintain its sustainable development. The experts noted:

“For Farmak, responsible leadership means to be a role model in the industry. To conduct business with integrity and transparency. To be a trusted partner of the state and the healthcare system of Ukraine, an exemplary employer and a worthy member of the local community. To set the right trends in the development of Ukrainian pharmaceuticals industry, to support education and science, to build the image of Ukrainian business abroad. And, undoubtedly, to be aware of and minimize the impact on the environment.” commented Yevheniia Piddubna, Director of Corporate Communications at Farmak.

For a full list of the best corporate social responsibility programs follow the link.

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