Nov 09, 2021

Help needed much as we need the air we breathe: the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation bought oxygen concentrators for hospitals

On 8 November, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation delivered high-efficiency oxygen concentrators* to hospitals in Ivano-Frankivsk, Shostka and urban-type settlement Ruzhyn in Zhytomyr Region. The total donation amounted to over UAH 700 thousand.

Overcrowded hospitals, new anti-record number of COVID-19 cases and red zones in regions of Ukraine are hardly the only things we have been hearing about in the news lately. The new Delta strain has proven to be more aggressive and patients infected with it are more likely to require oxygen support. Consequently, there is a critical shortage of medical oxygen in the country. Using the concentrators procured by the Foundation will provide oxygen to the main systems; moreover, they can be connected to a lung ventilator instead of oxygen cylinders.

Since the outset of the pandemic, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation has been providing systematic support to healthcare institutions. Last year, the Foundation allocated over UAH 10 million for the procurement of lung ventilators, digital ultrasound diagnostic system, oxygen concentrators, other medical and diagnostic equipment and personal protective equipment for hospitals from different regions of Ukraine.

“It is reported about oxygen shortages from different parts of Ukraine, and workload of hospitals has reached its peak. Today, people’s health and life depend on availability of oxygen in the hospitals. So how can we stand aside?” comments Filya Zhebrovska, founder of the Foundation and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Farmak.


* Brightfield AERTI AE-8-NW high-pressure concentrators, with a capacity of 20 L/min.

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