Jun 14, 2016

Farmak Donates the Charity Book “To Live. Understanding Kyiv” to Kyiv libraries

The leader of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine – Farmak – handed over to municipal libraries more than 150 copies of the charitable book of Kyivans’ memories “To Live. Understanding Kyiv”. Its authors were senior residents of the capital who shared memories of Kyiv in 1930-1990s.

The book was initiated by the Farmak Pharmaceutical Company. In this way, the Company seeks to support and engage in public life of single seniors deprived of attention and care. Moreover, the book allowed long-livers to share their experience to the younger generation and to feel needed.

Filya Zhebrovska, Farmak CEO: “We believe that involvement of the elderly into social life is extremely important to their health. It is known that socially active seniors, who raise grandchildren, have hobbies look younger and feel better. And lonely, isolated old people usually fade soon because of the feeling of loneliness and uselessness. Moreover, the preservation of cultural heritage and adopting a valuable life experience of seniors is useful for development of the society.

When handing over the book “To Live. Understanding Kyiv” to the capital's libraries, we want to present memories of the Kyiv longevity to the widest audience as possible. They are bright, vibrant, expressive, emotional stories no formal archive would offer.”

Publication of the book “To live. Understanding Kyiv” is a part of the long-term social project Foster Grandchildren, initiated by Farmak in honor of its 90th anniversary in conjunction with the Red Cross Society of Podil District in Kyiv. It aims to improve living conditions of seniors and reintegrate them into society. This project was supported by the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration.

The book “To Live. Understanding Kyiv” is available at bookstores. This is the charity edition. All sale proceeds go to the Red Cross Society of Podil District in Kyiv, to support the lonely seniors. 

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